WE’RE LIGHTING UP THE ONLINE INDUSTRY! Posted on November 27th, 2017 | Posted by Anna Holden

VUALTO 101 List

We are delighted to have been named, once again as ‘one of the most interesting companies in the online video space’ by Streaming Media Europe Magazine.

The years 101 list comprises of new innovative starts up and long established players within the industry, all contributing and making an impact within Europe. Rather than focusing on content publishers, this years list focuses more on those creating the technology to enable content publishers to grow their business, e.g. VUALTO – Making Your Online Video Happen!  We are very proud to be named on the list and sit amongst so many innovative and inspiring companies.

Take a look at the complete 101 list in the Streaming Media Winter Magazine and also check out page 76 for Camilla Young’s (VUALTO CEO & CO-FOUNDER) executive prediction for 2018!