APPLE ENABLES FAIRPLAY DRM FOR THEIR iOS SAFARI BROWSERS Posted on February 14th, 2018 | Posted by Anna Holden


Apple has enabled FairPlay DRM support for iOS Safari with their latest release – iOS 11.2.

Previously, iOS devices did not support FairPlay on iOS Safari. The only way to watch FairPlay protected content on iOS devices was through native iOS apps. Now with Apple enabling Encrypted Media Extensions (EMEs) on iOS Safari, streaming service providers can offer an enhanced service. Their users will now be able to watch VUDRM protected content on mobiles and tablets with ease – they can simply open their browser, press play and enjoy.

VUALTO already had the infrastructure in place to allow playback of VUDRM protected content within native or app based conditions. Now that Apple have enabled FairPlay on iOS Safari, VUALTO VUDRM clients will already be enjoying this new benefit, without any changes to their configuration or additional costs. Their users will already be able to access VUDRM protected content on their mobile devices.


So to summarise…what does this development mean:

  • It’s now much easier to reach any device, anywhere, anytime.
  • iOS mobile users will no longer need to install an app to view protected content.
  • VUALTO VUDRM clients will enjoy this new benefit as part of their existing package.
  • VUALTO VUPLAY clients can use a number of players to play FairPlay encrypted content on iOS and macOS safari. 


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