VUALTO CHOOSES SPOTINST TO ENHANCE VIDEO DELIVERY Posted on March 21st, 2018 | Posted by Anna Holden

Spotinst VUALTO video delivery

VUALTO have chosen the Spotinst platform to enhance our video delivery; more specifically our DRM infrastructure (VUDRM).

Spotinst’s AI platform provides the most cost effective and efficient way to consume Cloud compute. This includes stateful, stateless and containerised environments. By anticipating and predicting termination of AWS Spot instances and migrating workloads preemptively, Spotinst provided VUALTO with a cost effective and proven solution to ensure that our VUDRM platforms remain robust, efficient and scalable.

“Spotinst makes it much easier to manage container deployments. Alongside providing cost savings of up to 80%, Spotinst’s integration with Rancher means that unhealthy containers are detected, taken offline and healthy replacement containers spun up on spot instance. What this means for VUALTO clients is no downtime to the VUDRM service and an uninterrupted, high quality video for their end users. By bringing our best in class technology platforms together we believe we can create exceptional value and performance for VUALTO’s customers.” Karol Ussher, Managing Director, Spotinst UK

Rob Mitchell, Technical Architect – DRM, VUALTO highlighted the success to date of working with the Spotinst team, “At VUALTO high quality solutions are key to our video delivery – that’s why we chose to work with Spotinst. They offer us a solution that is proven, cost effective and enables us to further enhance our VUDRM service. In turn, our clients continue to receive a premium service which offers ultimate value for money. I would recommend the Spotinst team to anyone looking for support they can be confident in and inspired by”.