DYNAMIC PLAYOUT PROFILES FOR LIVE Posted on May 20th, 2019 | Posted by Anna Holden

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The VUALTO CONTROL HUB solution for management of live, VOD, and LIVE2VOD now supports Dynamic Playout Profiles for live streaming.

This feature allows the creation of multiple playout profiles to be applied to live events ‘on-the-fly’. A playout profile for a live stream provides instructions to the streaming server on certain characteristics of the stream, including type of DRM, DVR window, video formats and URL.

Normally, each live stream would have only one playout profile associated with it, which can mean that devices requiring a slightly different manifest for example, SMART TV’s, would need a separate live stream to be generated from the encoder and streaming server.

The VUALTO CONTROL HUB now supports the creation of a playout profile which can be added to one or more streaming events; each event can have multiple profiles. This provides a huge degree of flexibility meaning that multiple versions of the same streaming event can be configured from the same physical live stream.

One profile may have DRM, another may be ‘in the clear’. A profile may specify a different bitrate or fragment length. Two profiles may be created each with a different DVR window. The scope to deliver live streams with different properties makes your live streaming provision hugely flexible, and has potential savings in both cost and complexity.

The other key advantage is that these playout profiles can be changed ‘on-the-fly’ while the live event is running. There is no need to stop the encoders or the streaming server. The change to the profile takes effect immediately and affects all streams with that profile. Some changes to the profile may of course need a CDN cache bust or a player refresh. Webhooks can alert other system components of the change to the live stream, if required.

The new Dynamic Playout profiles feature is available through our VUALTO CONTROL HUB GUI and through the API.


Use Cases:

  • Multiple device targeting, such as profiles for SmartTVs.
  • Creating multiple encrypted profiles for the same stream.
  • Creating a DRM and No DRM for the same stream.
  • Custom URLs.


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