PLAYER INTEGRATION MADE EASY WITH NEW VUPLAY FRAMEWORK Posted on October 17th, 2019 | Posted by Anna Holden

Player Integration

As player integration experts, we are continuously developing our technical offering. As part of our ongoing player development, we are pleased to announce the release of our new VUPLAY player integration framework.

This new framework significantly decreases the time required to integrate a player, by offering a standard way to play back content.

Users are able to speed up the player controls/UI development by offering a simple way to access the underlying player functionalities for instance: creating bespoke players skins, clipping controls etc.


New VUPLAY Framework Features:

  • Player agnostic: A generic layer is created above the player, giving you the option to add multiple players with ease, if required.


  • Modularisation: Each consumer will have a custom bundle that includes only what is required. This allows you to optimise the script size that your client needs to download.


  • Extensibility: The framework is only an extension of the actual player. This gives you full access to the underlying player which means that any specific feature will be available through the chosen player for example: ads, statistics, etc.


In essence, this new VUPLAY player integration framework ‘Makes your Player Integration Simple’.  As a user, you can enjoy time and cost savings whilst delivering a stable service for you clients and quality streaming at all times. For more information contact us at


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