VUALTO QA AUTOMATION USING PYTHON & SELENIUM Posted on November 26th, 2019 | Posted by Peter Fletcher

Pete Fletcher


The VUALTO QA team have now implemented QA automation into our testing, using Python and Selenium Webdriver.

At VUALTO we are constantly refining our processes to develop quality and efficient solutions for our clients. As part of this, the QA team adopted Python to create a framework for automation testing of our API's and Selenium for Web Browser based testing. This enables test case scenario's to be completed much more efficiently by simply running a script which lowers the overall time between a project being tested and released. A plus for our team and a major benefit for our clients who can enjoy quicker turnaround times on projects.

On October 7th, our QA team attended the SeleniumConf in London to learn more about automation of Web Browser based testing. This conference was a great insight into the world of automation, due to its experienced QA attendees and speakers and the showcasing of potential tools that could be used to enhance automation processes.


A range of topics were covered during the conference, including:

  • Accessibility into unit tests - improving audit results and our experiences.
  • Build an automation framework... with a developer mindset.
  • Next level of Front end testing with Devtools and WebDrive.


These Keynotes were incredibly useful not only to understand multiple aspects of automation but to also hear other people’s experiences, challenges and faults along their journey as a developer. Industry insights are key to our learning and continuous improvement at VUALTO.

The keynotes also highlighted issues such as ensuring browsers stay compliant to web standards, how to run a large Test Suite with Selenium and how to tackle bugs whether it is browser related or code related within that Test Suite. Lowering automation script maintenance and improving their stability, the importance of Chrome DevTools when writing your Selenium Scripts and many more topics were covered. It was a real deep dive into the importance of automation and accessibility in delivering a quality QA service, something which VUALTO pride themselves on.

We will continue to attend events such as they as they are key to our continuous advancement and ‘Making Your Online Video Happen’!