Sports coverage is all about the viewing experience. Whether it’s a group of friends sitting around a 4K screen, or a young sports fan watching their favourite team on their tablet, delivery needs to be perfect every time. VUALTO's Sports streaming solutions are trusted by major broadcasters across Europe, delivering their live and VOD sports content to multiple devices, on a global scale. With a host of solutions that can be tailored to your needs, we can help you to stream live matches, distribute live or VOD highlight packages, real-time playback and interviews with popular athletes. Recognising the shift in sports consumer behaviour and the growing importance of driving engagement and loyalty, we continuously develop new technologies to enable you to deliver a ‘stand out’ experience for your viewers.


VUPLAY supports all the widely used desktop browsers and mobile devices so you can reach sports fans wherever they are, on any device.

Integrate video into your social media strategy, to grow reach far beyond your existing viewer base.


Engage your audience with innovative features to include: personalisation, clipping, social media interaction and Live2VOD (VUREPLAY).

VUPLAY enables you to offer mobile video apps, instead of mobile web, to further enhance your viewers user experience.


VUPLAY offers integration with sports focused analytics packages, giving you the tools and real-time crowd sourced behavioural data so you can optimise your content. With our adaptable Sports streaming solutions, you will be able to tailor content with our to your target audience whilst making data driven, strategic business decisions too.

People watching sports on tablet


VUPLAY supports HLS and MPEG-DASH, the standards for broadcast quality live streaming. This ensures smooth, reliable and consistent global delivery to multiple devices and audience sizes.

What’s more, VUPLAY’s innovative design is cost effective, with it’s one single solution to reach all of your chosen viewer devices.

Watching sport with PPV


We understand the importance of protecting your content against unauthorised access and VUDRM overcomes this.

VUDRM is a fully scalable cloud based SaaS which provides multi-vendor DRM controlled by a common API. These ready made components integrate easily into existing broadcast workflows.


VUDRM offers you multiple access models including pay per view, subscription, and rental. You can choose the solutions best suited to your needs and we will help you to integrate them with ease and ultimately maximise your revenue streams.