Project Description

Each year the National Trust produce and stream their Annual General Meeting for their members. The event is pulled together by a series of suppliers and the Vualto team have been working with the National Trust for a number of years to provide all of the online and streaming components of the event.

Every AGM comes with some new challenges – a new venue, upgrades to the requirements, different team members and so on. Each year Vualto rise to these challenges and bring fresh new concepts to enhance the online offering. Last year we helped to introduce AGM ‘Hub’ Venues which comprised of a dedicated stream for the National Trust to display on large screens in properties across the UK so that members would not need to travel so far to be able to participate in the AGM. This was piloted in 2012 for one venue and will rolled out to further venues in 2013. In addition to this, in 2012, members could also enjoy the live stream from their Facebook news feed as well as being able to view across a range of devices including desktops, tablets and mobiles and this service will continue in 2013 and beyond.

Every year we see a growth in the online audience from the previous AGM. This alone is testament to how the online experience is improving for viewers as the possibilities within technology expand.