Project Description

We Are Colony – Video Delivery Workflow and Mobile apps for Independent Film VOD Portal.

  • Hosted PlayReady DRM
  • Video Workflow using Unified Streaming
  • IOS App Development with PlayReady SDK V2.0
  • Custom Transcoding

We are Colony are an exciting start-up company who have created a new VOD service to allow users to watch a range of Independent films on desktop and mobile devices.

We are Colony allows users to discover exclusive behind the scenes content, often ahead of a film’s general release and other supplementary content including trailers, teasers, deleted or extended scenes, interviews with cast and crew, scripts, storyboards, stills and much more.

Vualto were asked to build the entire video delivery workflow, starting with the receipt of the source files from the content owners and using a customised FFMPEG transcoder to create mezzanine files.

These files are then passed through to Amazon cloud based USP servers for transmuxing into Smooth Stream and HLS for onward delivery via Level 3 CDN.

The Silverlight desktop player was built in house by We Are Colony using the customised PlayReady plugins provided by Vualto. The soon to be launched IOS app was designed and developed by Vualto.


We Are Colony IOS App with PlayReady DRM