DELIVER ONLINE OR OFFLINE VOD CONTENT TO YOUR CHOSEN AUDIENCES, ON MULTIPLE DEVICES. With VUOD from VUALTO, you can deliver your VOD content library securely and across all devices. Using the latest streaming servers, we can provide an automated workflow with full integration into your existing systems. Hosted in your Cloud or fully managed by VUALTO, we ensure consistent and scalable delivery to your global audiences.


Enables customised VOD workflows to be configured exactly to your requirements, using our simple API to control ingest, encryption and delivery.


Deliver pre-processed VOD files or encrypt and transmux just-in-time, using latest streaming servers such as Unified Streaming to provide HLS, HDS, MSS and MPEG-DASH.


Able to cope with large volumes of VOD titles, our ingest and packaging process uses a fully scalable and resilient task engine. Our caching mechanisms protect the Origin from unnecessary CDN requests.


We provide an Admin GUI and Workflow API to allow ingest management, fault monitoring and webhooks to client systems during the ingest and packaging process.


Encrypt at source or encrypt just-in-time using VUDRM to apply Widevine, PlayReady, FairPlay Streaming, Primetime, AES or call out to your existing DRM provider.


We can integrate with your own CMS or APIs or alternatively, we have ready made integrations with your chosen commercial media management applications.


Deliver VUOD with our VUPLAY player integration solutions, including web players and SDKs for iOS/tvOS and Android.


Can be delivered on a fully managed basis in VUALTO's Cloud Infrastructure or developed for you to manage in your own infrastructure.

People watching VOD content

Using our extensive knowledge of the video streaming industry, our integrated products have been developed for use together or singularly, to manage the end to end delivery of your video and audio content.

Whether it be delivery of multiple live channels or the provision of DRM for a VOD library, our Developers will happily integrate into your existing workflows or develop a new one from scratch. We integrate with many leading commercial products including Unified Streaming, MediaExcel, COMCAST, YUBORA, JWPlayer, THEOPlayer, Cedexis , all leading CDNS and many more, to ensure that you always receive the most cutting edge solutions.

At the heart of our product eco system is the VUALTO CONTROL HUB which provides a centralised configuration, GUI and API allowing us to deliver, VOD, Live and Live2VOD services, with studio approved DRM.

Our software and services are easily customised to your individual needs as we understand that in the Broadcast and Content Delivery industry, an off the shelf solution rarely ticks all the boxes. In essence, we develop a solution entirely with you and your end user in mind.

Read our latest blog to explore how video orchestration can be made easy with the VUALTO CONTROL HUB.