Player SDKs

We provide browser based  &  native app player SDKs with customisable skins and support for DRM, subtitles and multiple audio,AIR Play and Chromecast.

NEW SmartPlayer

Assesses the user’s device, browser and requirements for video encryption and automatically servers up the most appropriate player to allow playback.

Native App Development

Android, iOS and Samsung TV apps with full integration with Adobe and Microsoft DRM and easy hooks into your existing CMS and EPG systems.

Video Players, Websites & Apps – Overview

Our vuplay players allow the consumption of DRM protected video across devices including iOS and Android. Includes browser and native app players for live, VOD and download with support for Microsoft PlayReady, Adobe Primetime DRM and Google Widevine.

The development team at Vualto have many years’ experience of building and supporting hundreds of video based software projects. These include interactive web applications, bespoke video and audio players, backend integration projects, large scale video delivery systems through to apps for mobile devices and Smart TV’s.

Some Highlights..

SmartPlayer Intelligence layer

SmartPlayer is an intelligence layer that works in conjunction with other video players. Smart Player assesses the user’s device, browser and requirements for video encryption and automatically servers up the most appropriate player to allow playback.

SmartPlayer is not in itself a player. It is a JavaScript component that is simply embedded into a website.  Intelligence in SmartPlayer detects information about the user’s environment, sends this back to our cloud hosted vuplay API which makes the decision on which player to render

  • Supports playback in MPEG-DASH, Smooth Stream and HLS with single JavaScript component
  • Supports PlayReady, Widevine, FairPlay Streaming and no DRM
  • Allows clients to set player preference rules
  • Option to brand underlying players
  • Clients can make use of their existing JW Player or THEOPlayer
  • Integration with Google Analytics


Browser based Player SDKs
Our browser based Player SDKs include:

  • Productionised player SDKs for HTML5(Javascript), Silverlight (SMF), Flash (OSMF and Primetime)
  • Javascript API to control playback
  • Default skin but highly customisable
  • Supports subtitles and multiple audio
  • Support for PlayReady, Primetime DRM and Widevine where applicable.
Native App Player SDKs
Our Native App Player SDKs include:

  • DRM enabled Player SDKs for iOS and Android
  • Default skin with prebuilt controls
  • Supports subtitles and multiple audio
  • New deployment guide and documentation
  • Support for AIR Play and Chromecast
  • Support for PlayReady, Primetime and Widevine where applicable
Players to support Offline Playback for Download to Own/Pay-Per-View
We develop video systems and apps that support many different monetization business models including Pay-Per-View and Download to own. Our Download Management tools allow users to download and play adaptive  video formats without an Internet connection. All content can be fully protected using studio approved DRM.

  • Playback downloaded content on Desktops, iOS and Android
  • Support for subtitles and multiple audio
  • Allow pause/resume of download
  • Adobe AIR app with OSMF player for desktops
  • Native apps on iOS and Android
  • DRM protection using Adobe Primetime and Microsoft PlayReady
THEOplayer - HTML5 based, HLS player
Vualto are UK resellers of the THEOplayer from OpenTelly.  THEOplayer allows HLS to be streamed through an HTML5 player without the need for device or browser plugins such as Flash or Silverlight. See

  • HLS for Desktop, Tablets and Mobiles running iOS, Android and Windows Phones
  • Easily customisable Live and VOD player
  • Support for frame accurate seeking, preview thumbnails, Chromecast and much more

Simplified Custom Admin Interfaces
You may not want all your users to make use of your chosen OVP’s management interface. We provide simplified interfaces to allow non-expert users to upload video (even large files) and manage metadata.

EPG and CMS Integration
Our players, sites and applications are built to sit in your existing environment and we are expert and working with our client’s own APIs and EPG feeds. Our strength is in our flexibility to build a solution that is designed for you rather than a one size fits all approach.

Advertising Integration
Our players are fully VAST and VPAID compliant. We have extensive experience with integrating with 3rd party ad servers such as Video Plaza and are able to build complex workflows to support custom ad calls, ad decsiions and reporting.


vuplay – ios/tvOS SDK from Vualto

Read more about our feature Rich and DRM enabled Player SDKs.

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vuplay – Smartplayer from Vualto

Read more about our Intelligent Player Switching with Multi-DRM and Multi-Format support.

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Video Players & Websites case studies

Why choose us?

  • Development of responsive and attractive video platforms
  • Development of HTML5 and OSMF V2.0 Players
  • Full support for Adobe Access and Microsoft PlayReady DRM
  • Flexible and transparent development process

  • Integration with 3rd party advertising engines, statistics and GEO-IP
  • Video systems built for commercial or internal use
  • Full integration with Brightcove and Kaltura OVPs

Our other services

Now you know about our Video Players & Websites service, did you know that we offer Managed Streaming, Video Delivery Workflow with DRM and Video Apps?