Streamlined Workflows

Simplified delivery of streamed and download content using latest media server technology including full integration with Unified Streaming Platform.

Video Platform Integration

Integration with OVPs such as Brightcove,Kaltura and thePlatform or our own custom built solutions for live to VOD workflows.

Support multi-vendor DRM

Incorporate the leading DRM technologies into your video workflow. We provide Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine and FairPlay Streaming.

wf Overview

We understand the challenges faced by Broadcasters and Content Owners who require robust and scalable solutions for for Live, Catch-up, Download and On-Demand delivery to multiple devices. Our vuworkflow framework provides a pick and mix selection of pre-built components that slot together to build custom video delivery workflows.

We have extensive experience using the Unified Streaming Platform which rewraps and optionally DRM encrypts a single content source on-the-fly for delivery to multiple clients and devices. We offer shared and dedicated USP services including full integration,installation and support.

Highlights of our Video Delivery Services:

The vuworkflow framework

The vuworkflow framework provides the ability for custom video delivery workflows to be created and hosted by Vualto or on client’s own infrastructure. vuworkflow is based on a highly scalable worker-queue architecture.

Workflows are created by combining a slection of components that deal with Ingest,processing and Delivery. vuworkflow seamlessly integrates with our vudrm tools to support Microsoft PlayReady, Adobe Primetime and Google Widevine DRM.

  • Instructions are passed to the framework via a comprehensive REST API
  • Supports Live, VOD, Downloaded VOD
  • Fully integrates with Unified Streaming
  • Support for Captions and Multiple Audio
  • Integrates with client’s own CMS/Ecommerce Platform
  • Support for MPEG-DASH, EMEs and CENC
Integration with Unified Streaming Platform

Suited to high end Broadcast workflows, USP has the added benefit of inbuilt support for DRM, subtitles and multiple audio.  USP is now used by many of the major broadcasters in the UK and Europe and Vualto are pleased to be an reseller Plus partner of USP.USP supports both Live, VOD, Catchup and Download delivery.

The unique Unified Capture feature for creating Catch-Up creates VOD clips from any stream and in addition can do frame accurate cutting. It is easily integrated in our workflow providing support for HLS, HDS, MSS and MPEG-DASH.

Suppliers of Mult-vendor DRM

Vualto is licenced to provide hosted DRM solutions as follows:

  • FairPlay Streaming
  • Microsoft PlayReady DRM (including the final product licence for IOS and Android SDKs)
  • Google Widevine Modular
  • CENC/EME solutions for PlayReady and Widevine (Marlin coming soon)

Our DRM services are delivered as part of the vudrm framework which is a collection of readymade components that integrate with existing Broadcast Workflows to deliver multi-vendor Content Protection.

Integration with Brightcove Video Cloud

We provide full integration and add-ones to the Brightcove Video Cloud product. We can provide customised, simplified interfaces for content upload and metadata management, bulk migration services and enhanced workflows including providing downloadable content with DRM.


Live2VOD from Vualto

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Why choose us?

  • Support for Live, Catch-up, On-Demand and Download content workflows
  • Delivery to PC/MAC, Android, IOS, STB and Connected TVs
  • Full integration with AWS
  • Integration and support of all major encoding hardware


  • Lightweight, multi-node packager tool that supports production of HLS, MSS and MPEG-DASH from single source
  • DRM Support for multiple licence models (DTO, Rental, Subscriptions)
  • Integration with multiple CDNs

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