“We are proud to announce that vudrm now has support for FairPlay Streaming and offers a complete set of player SDKs for iOS, tvOS and Safari.”

We have added support for FairPlay Streaming to the vudrm portfolio, providing encryption, token generation and scalable licence serving for Live and VOD content. We are now able to offer FairPlay Streaming for iOS devices (iphones, iPads, AppleTV and Safari.

Our latest SDKs for iOS and tvOS have been released today providing support for HLS streaming of Live and VOD using FairPlay.

  • For iOS devices, we offer two player scenarios; an out of the box, ready to go player with a complete set of controls and also a skinnable version, allowing clients to customise the player as they wish.
  • For tvOS, we offer the skinnable version of the player allowing the player to be branded and player controls added as required by the app.

For Safari, we make use of our SmartPlayer Technology that detects the browser and device and renders the correct player and DRM. When we detect Safari, we will render our Safari plyer that used FairPlay Streaming for content protection.

FairPlay Streaming is now part of vudrm and so can be mixed and matched with PlayReady and Google Widevine. We currently support HLS for FairPlay Streaming on Safari.

For information about FairPlay Streaming, the iOS and tvOS players, vudrm, please contact info@vualto.com.